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[Wolf] pokekirby   registered to ShulkerMC
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[Owner] LivFastDrivFast   created a new thread Guideline for submitting a Staff Application in the Staff Application forum
[Owner] LivFastDrivFastApologies for the small drop on the server. There was a error with the ISP. Server is back up and operational.
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[Owner] LivFastDrivFastJust wanted to stop by and say thank you to all of the players that have registered to the site so far! Thank you for the support!
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[Modder] Oinkers   registered to ShulkerMC
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ShulkerMC has reached a new record of 10 registered users today!
[Modder] NotLivFast   registered to ShulkerMC
[Modder] WarlordWhale and [Modder] coolboomcat registered to ShulkerMC
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[Wolf] monkey_feet   registered to ShulkerMC
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